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EVI Distribution Inc. is the leading distributor and systems integrator for pro audio, audiovisual, broadcast and auxiliary systems with over a decade of experience in the country.

We are committed to providing complete design, supply and installation that integrates current and emerging technologies to deliver the perfect experience for our clients. 
Combining the very best audio/video manufacturers, broadcast and security systems brands with our pool of experts, we create a complete customized & innovative solution to your system.


EVI Distribution Inc. emerged from simple distribution to creating a complete customized solution to your system.

Trust EVI to design an interface of audio, video, broadcast, auxiliary and integrated systems perfect for your needs. We are committed to providing build and design that integrate current and emerging technologies to deliver the perfect experience for our clients. Combining the very best manufacturers and mission-critical brands with our expertise, it’s no wonder that EVI is the country’s leading solutions provider of integrated systems. Feel confident in putting your project in the capable hands of a company with more than a decade of experience.

Our mission. Our promise. In every barangay, in every large city and everywhere in between, EVI is there, YOU are there. And our scope is immeasurable. Our expertise, complete menu of solutions and nationwide footprint make us the ideal partner for all of your integrated systems needs. Simply put, we are committed to your satisfaction, from project concept through completion.

On May 10, 2002, we started to make our dream a reality. We started to build our business housing five employees, who we call our FAMILY, our EVI FAMILY.

It is also this year that we became an exclusive distributor of Dynacord. Our very first partnership with no other than a company who’s committed only to excellence.

As we continue to pursue our goal to be the leading distributor of audio and video systems, our partnership with leading companies grew. In 2002, we sealed our partnership with AMX.

We grew with the emerging technology in the audio and video systems. Trusting our business in the hands of leading companies known worldwide. We expanded our business distributing audio and video controls that manage connectivity and interface in the workplace.

In 2004, we became part of the family of mission-critical brand Electro-Voice. Recognized the world over as a leader in audio technology. EV trusted EVI to be the exclusive partner in the distribution of audio speakers and microphones in the country.

From then to now, we continue to be a family. Together, We Live For Sound.

Over the years, we have proven our position in the industry being the leading distributor of world class and mission-critical brands in the country.

In partnership with Bosch, we ventured and expanded our business. We emerged from simple distribution to systems integration. Our pool of experts and licensed professionals extended their knowledge in the security systems. A business unit that commits to the safety and security of facility and people by providing a complete and intelligent security management solutions.

Together with Bosch, EVI will secure your Future.

Powered by our passion and soul, we created our footprint in the corporate, hospitality, education, government, entertainment and house of worship industries.

Our first major project. Our first million. Our first venture in the house of worship industry… CCF Alabang. In 2002, we made our first million closing our major project – CCF Alabang, a house of worship.

In 2014 twelve years after, we made a mark in multi-million projects, again a house of worship. INC’s Philippine Arena made a mark in the Philippine history, becoming the largest indoor arena in the world. It is with pride and honor that we are part of the world renowned project. Together with our partners, we successfully completed and became part of history, a feat that will be remembered for years.

As we continue to make our dreams and goals a reality, so did the “City of Dreams”. We have been the preferred partner in creating a complete state-of-the-art audio and video integrated system for one of the biggest hotel and casino in the country to date.

As we continue to strengthen our influence and presence in the audio, video, broadcast, auxiliary and integrated systems in the country, so did our family… our EVI family… We grew from 5 to 135.

Today marks our moving forward… moving forward with technology… moving forward with partners… moving forward with family… moving forward to a new and bigger home…

76 EVI Building, F. Blumentritt St., Barangay Kabayanan, San Juan City 1500.

Our aim. Our promise. EVI will always be with You… Our Partner… Our Family…


EVI has assembled a team of sales professionals, designers, engineers, and technical experts that are highly trained and experienced in the industry. We are here to make the integration process simpler for you by providing all the services you need; from project planning to completion.


Mision & Vision

We will be the country’s premier provider of technologically advanced product and services that will continuously ensure the high quality delivery of education, information and audio-visual entertainment.

To achieve these, we will:

  • Provide our customers competitive pricing, value added and responsive services and efficiency for their utmost satisfaction
  • Ensure the welfare of our employees and vigorously harness our talents and skills in the service of our customers
  • Promote the protection of the environment and adhere to our social responsibility
  • Constantly acquire new products and services to address the changing needs of our market
  • Keep pace with technological advancement relevant to our business

Corporate Values

  • Growth and Advancement – We constantly develop and improve ourselves in the service of our customers
  • Entrepreneurship – We build business through hard work, competitiveness, optimum use of resources and wise investment
  • Teamwork – We work in harmony and synergy to achieve a shared goal
  • Professionalism – We adhere to professional ethics and highest standard of doing business
  • Integrity – We deliver what we say we will
  • Commitment and Loyalty – We stand by, support and defend the company and its employees and customers
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